Get Over The Tool

Anyone who has read my “69 Free or Low Cost Tools to Improve Your Website” post knows that I love tools. This past week I was excited to see a new list of tools with the just published “Which Multivariate?” a multivariate testing tool comparison guide. I’m happy they beat me to the punch in putting this list of tools together, because many people have asked me about the various testing platforms and tools, and I haven’t had a chance…

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What Your Form Design Reveals About You

There is no question that improving the forms on your website can improve your conversion rate. In fact, Gavin Doolan, of the Google analytics team, did a wonderful job explaining the basics concepts needed to improve form conversion rates. However, what do the forms that exist in the “wild” tell your visitors about you? Does it say you care about your visitor? Your sales team? Your legal department? No one? This past week one of my MarketMotive conversion optimization students…

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Design for Persuasion

Ask any designer what makes a great design for a web page or web site and you’ll almost always here the same common themes; usability, intuitiveness, feel/mood, eye catching, etc. Yet few will respond with what makes your business revenue – how the page converts visitors to take the action you want them to take! Following are some practical and commonly overlooked elements of landing- and buying-page design to help answer some the above questions and help you think about…

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SEM Konferansen 2009

I am back from Norway after having presented at the SEM Konfersansen 2009 to a great group of Search Marketers. I think they received the core of my message which was that most of them don’t have a traffic problem but a conversion problem. Organized by the IMNA/ IAB Norway this show brought together some fabulous speakers from around the globe. Ola Hanø (a fabulous host) reached out to the likes of Rand Fishkin (accompanied by his lovely wife Geraldine),…

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