Testing – What’s the Big Idea?

Is yours the typical company launching 2-5 tests a month, struggling to eke out more from your marketing optimization program, and wasting critical marketing resources of your team and website traffic? That’s the result of not focusing in on the Big Idea! How much should you be testing? A mid-size company can easily handle 30-50 tests a month. The reason most companies never get there is because they waste so many cycles on what I call “slice & dice” optimization…

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FaceBook Advertising – Might it Be Broken?

No question FaceBook advertising bears little resemblance to Search Advertising.  However, we are starting to see some great success stories of companies success with FaceBook advertising.  Nevertheless, FaceBook’s advertising model may be seriously flawed. If you ever accessed Facebook using one of their mobile applications; perhaps you noticed something missing. There are no ads. Most 30-40 year old women (one of the most coveted and powerful consumer groups) access their Facebook accounts usinge their mobile device. While I agree that…

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Content Marketing: Where’s The Value?

After the first dot-com bust, “content is king” was the rallying cry of any competent Web worker. Back then this revelation was novel online. Soon after, this mantra became a cliché. As it often goes with clichés, they start out as something true and meaningful. Eventually, the words become common, outlive their value, and are so overused that they’re easily ignored. Saying content is king is the equivalent of saying money is valuable; it’s true but obvious. Tell that to…

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Play the Online Marketing Game Like “Charlie Hustle”

With Major League Baseball’s spring training under full force, it inspires me to look at how we approach our “online marketing game.” We can learn a lot about winning “conversions” from how the game is played. Most baseball people will tell you that you can win the game with the “long” ball or with the “short” game. When you convert a visitor to a sale or to a lead, hopefully you have scored a run your competitor won’t. Pete Rose…

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How to Prove That Your Designer Is Costing You Money {4:00 video}

Often times, marketers approach me to tell me they think something is wrong with their page but they aren’t sure how to convince their designer or management that their are any issues. In this four-minute video, I share a simple technique and how to use attention mapping software like Feng-GUI.com to prove to your designer that they are costing you money. Attention mapping software uses software algorithms to create heat maps based on how people would engage with your Web…

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99 Free (and Low Cost) Tools to Improve Your Website

1. MobiReady More and more visitors are arriving to websites using mobile devices today. Is your website ready for it? Evaluates mobile-readiness using industry best practices & standards. 2. Treepodia Other than mobile, video has been the other big demand from customers. Treepodia alows you to submit your XML product catalog feed to them and they will then turn that feed into automated video (with music or voice overs), submit those videos to sites like YouTube, FaceBook, & MetaCafe and…

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A Quick & Cheap Way To Fix Blind Spots in Your PPC Efforts

Yesterday, Google announced that all advertisers now have access to product ads. This presents a great opportunity for advertisers. The user tests I have been involved in recently show that searchers eyes are certainly drawn to those ads before they are drawn to the standard blue links. This is just one more recent change Google has made to their search results page (SERPS) and understanding these changes have a true impact on how you market on the search engines. When…

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The Biggest Lie of Pay-Per-Click Marketing

[standing up] My name is Bryan and I am a screenshot addict. When I fall off the wagon, it happens every so often, I pick a keyphrase and start clicking through PPC ads and their landing pages taking screenshots of the entire experience. It’s hard to imagine how often the experience from keyword to ad to landing page is broken. I fight the urge to call them, yell at them, and beg them to stop throwing away money. I don’t…

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