Since we just finished looking at how to optimize ecommerce product or hero images, I thought we should look at how to get the best demo or explainer video to help sell your service or product. There is no question video marketing is hot, but doing it poorly can hurt your chances at converting visitors.

What proves to be true is that just like in every other media, you have to capture people in the first 8-12 seconds if you want them to stick around for a minute or longer.

This week’s Conversion Rate Optimization challenge:

How would you improve this Quick Tour demo video found on the homepage of I won’t tell you any more about them if you don’t know them because the video should do the job of “selling” you.

Watch the explainer video below and let me know in the comments if a) did this make you want to use on your website  b) what would you do to improve this video c) are there any question you have about the service that were not mentioned here?


* I am an advisor to but am not responsible for their website or marketing efforts. However, they are open to testing great ideas, so please share them.