Last week, Jeffrey and I were in the Bay Area of California to do some client training and work. On a quieter day we decided to visit our friends over at Marketo to catch up. A few months ago, we worked with their very talented team in redesigning much of the website, but two areas were set apart as a focus point of the redesign. As co-founder and VP of Marketing, Jon Miller would tell you how important having a great content marketing strategy is to generating business in a complex sale. They produce some incredible resources including the recent 150+ page Definitive Guide to Engaging Email Marketing. So the two areas that we worked on last, not because they were the least important, but because of the strategic roles there two areas play in Marketo’s lead generation efforts were the Resource Center and their Blog.

In this post, I won’t go into the details of what we all did in the redesign, since Marketo did a great job with their own write-up on explaining many of the changed on the redesigned Resource Center and on the redesigned Marketo blog. I hope you take the time to review these two posts on the changes made since these changes resulted in a 6x-10x lift in conversions to new subscribers. When you fill the top of your funnel with that many more people, nurture them with the quality content like Marketo does, you are going to increase your end of the funnel leads and sales and increase your current customer satisfaction while discovering and engaging with your content.

marketo blog new subscribers



marketo resource center new subscribers


If all your lead generation conversion efforts are focused in on only tuning your lead form & landing pages you need to begin to understand the value of flipping the funnel and marketing automation tied to great content generation.

P.S. Make sure to join us as Marketo hosts a virtual event September 19th, 2013 at 9am PST called the New Rules of Marketing.